Monday, 14 May 2012

Rowdies Memorabilia - 1979-80 Rowdies vs. Rogues Indoor Championship Game Report

A newspaper clipping from the Rowdies 1979-80 indoor Championship Game 1, against the Memphis Rogues played on March 2nd, 1980, at the Bayfront Center.
The Rowdies won 10-4, to tie the games 1-1. A Mini-Game was played, in which the Rowdies won 1-0, to win the 1979 NASL Indoor Championship.

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Anonymous said...

Just a little aside here- Single little articles like this one (usually around page 5 of the sports section) was usually all that was written about the Rowdies. Us fans had the newspaper, highlights of the game on television (usually just the goals,shown only once), and Kick magazine, which was mostly player's bios and a couple of interesting articles about various players throughout the league. It was hard to learn anything substantial about the Rowdies unless one actually knew people who knew them. I gotten to devour so much more about the Rowdies than I ever could have in the past. Thank You Ian! You are very good at doing what you do! ----Dan