Friday, 30 August 2019

My Rowdies' Autograph "Wants List" Updated - Can You Help?

Here is my updated Rowdies' Autograph 'Wants List' - If possible on 6" x 4" white cards.

Reno Agostinis
Bruce Allen
Martin Allen
Javier Alvarez
Laszlo Barna
Bruce Bates
Michael Bates
Eduardo Bonvallett (Deceased)
Rick Bratincevic
David Byrne
Justin Channing
Gary Darrell
Chris Davis
Mark Dillman
Luigi Donato
Kent Engstrom
Oscar Fabbiani
Tom Fitzgerald (Deceased)
Colin Fowles (Deceased)
Greg Franzke
Keith Fulk
Hector Galice
Randy Garber
Tim Gargan
Glen Goldston
Ivan Grnja
Brian Hall
Jean Harbor
Bob Isaacson
Sandje Ivanchukov (Deceased)
Kurt Keefer
Willy Keller
Matt Knowles
Zygmunt "Ziggy" Lezak
Miguel "Mike" Maliszewski
Matty Miller
Kevin Missey
Juan Carlos Molina
Chico Moreira
Norbert Mueller
Sean O'Brien
Marcelino Oliveira
Washington Olivera
Luis Papandrea
Andy Papoulias
Sergio Peluffo
Raymond Perlee
Garth Pollonais
David Proctor
Roger Ramsey
Jeff  Rogers
Carlo Rossi
Terry Rowe
Carlos Scott
John Shannon
Fred Sikorski
Frantz St. Lot
Radomir Stefanovic
Bob Stetler (Deceased)
Luis Tripodi
Joey Valenti
Ian Wauilow (Warrilow ?)
Jay White
Gregg Willin

If you can help, please email me at: - Thanks.

Signed Cards - 1981 Rowdies Luis Fernando

Luis Fernando signed Rowdies card.

Rowdies Memorabilia - Scott Ross Artwork

A colour caricature of Tommy Smith by Scott Ross, from 1976.
Many thanks to Scott Ross for this photo

Friday, 16 August 2019

Signed Cards - 1982 Rowdies Tom Boric

Tom Boric signed Rowdies card.

Signed Cards - 1975 Rowdies Clyde Best

Clyde Best signed Rowdies card.

1977 Maas Brothers Promo Cards

17 - Kevin Eagan.

Signed Cards - 1985 Rowdies Bobby Moore

A signed Rowdies card, of Bobby Moore.
Bobby appeared for the Rowdies as a Guest Player, during the 1985 Exhibition Game against the US World Cup Team, at Tampa Stadium, played on the 4th July.
Bobby, passed way on the 24th February, 1993, from bowel and liver cancer. He was 51 years old.

Signed Cards - 1984 Rowdies Malcolm Allison

A signed Rowdies card, of Malcolm Allison, who was 'Technical Director' to Coach Rodney Marsh in 1984.
Malcolm was sacked after a few games for his disruption in the locker room, and for his off the field antics. 
Malcolm, was reported that he was suffering from dementia in 2009. He sadly passed away in a nursing home on the 14th October, 2010, at the age of 83.

Signed Cards - 1983 Rowdies II Austin Hayes

A signed Rowdies II card, by the late Austin Hayes. Austin appeared for the Rowdies Reserves in 1983.
Sadly, Austin passed away on the 3rd December, 1986, at the age of 28 from lung cancer after contracting pneumonia, just three weeks after the illness was diagnosed.
Austin, also played for the LA Aztecs in 1978, making 22 appearances and scoring 4 goals.

Signed Cards - 1986 Rowdies Frank Sibley

A signed Rowdies card, of Frank Sibley.
 He was the QPR Coach in 1986, when they took part in the 'Coca-Cola Classic International Soccer Series' playing under the Rowdies name. Frank took the role of Assistant-Coach under Rodney Marsh, during the Series.
Sadly, Frank who is now 71, has been battling with Parkinson's Disease since 2004.