Saturday, 7 April 2012

Rowdies Memorabilia - 1979 Rowdies vs. Hurricane Game Report

A newspaper clipping from the Rowdies game against the Houston Hurricane played on June 20th, 1979, at Tampa Stadium.
The Rowdies won 4-0.

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Anonymous said...

This was about the point in time the Rowdies had really become a fine tuned machine!! Jago and the players really pulled together! I could really feel and see it. At first, I felt uneasy about the Rowdies, seeing changes like Mirandinha let go after his brilliant shots stoped hitting the post and they went in almost every game. So many skilled brand new members who really pulled together as a TEAM with heart- Baralic, Kitchner, Andruszewski, Van Der Veen. Fabiani, Belecki. All played skillful thoughtful attack AND ferocious defense! And then the "regulars" McLeod,Connell, Wegerle, Marsh. Connell was just always solid and consistant, much like Beckenbauer, looking like he took the ball with a sweep of his foot because it just happened to be there, and then with timing and poise, put the ball into attack."Iron Mike Connell". McLeod was an engine of midfield, extreme hustle and consistancy. "Wild and Wooly Wes McLeod". It was virtually assured Wegerle would blast by any one, two or three opponents on an open wing to put the ball in scoring position (he had a lot of assists, not many goals, really played for the team). "Cowboy Steve Wegerle" We all know about wonderful Rodney Marsh. And on top of all this, there were TWO good starting goalkeepers- DuBose and Bilecki- who took turns playing. DuBose was absolutely superhuman in the NASL shootout! --Dan