Friday, 17 February 2012

Rowdies Memorabilia - 1978 Rowdies vs. Hurricane Game Report

A newspaper clipping from the Rowdies game against the Houston Hurricane, played on June 10th, 1978, at Tampa Stadium.
The Rowdies won 2-0.

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Anonymous said...

Awsomely candid article! Some real Rowdies I remember. When Mirandinha "missed" his goal scoring chances it was most always spectacular. He would squeeze of shots when he didn't have one, place it perfectly- oh so frequently into the post or crossbar. Mirandinha hit the post soooo often that us Tampa area youth players would yell "Mirandinha" when one of us hit the post. I would really like to know how many times he hit the post in 1978!!! As for Nikki Johns, the poor yet highly toted goalkeeper who snatched DuBose's job, fell flat on his face, appearing and doing very poorly overall. I DO NOT like bashing any pro player because they all courageously work very hard, and many times there are unseen reasons for their performances. Having said that, I could not understand how Johns could have even been a Rowdie, looking like he was a stoned amateur. I think I read where he had a successful career after the Rowdies. Is there anyone out there at all that has any idea of how many times Mirandinha hit the post in 1978? Maybe Mirandinha could say?!