Saturday, 20 September 2008

1986/87 Rowdies Teamphoto

Back Row: Tom Hood (Team Masseur); Ruben Astigarraga, Tim Borer; Nathan Sacks; Arnie Mausser; Rodney Marsh (Player/Head Coach); Gary Kelley (Head Trainer).
Seated: Karim Murabet; Solomon Hilton; Paul Roe; Peter Roe; Steve Wegerle; Wim Suurbier (Player/Assistant Coach); Mark Lindsay.
Kneeling: Duncan MacEwan; Glenn Ervine; Tim Walters; Jay White; Geoff Wegerle; Derek Smethurst.
Can anyone tell me if Geoff Wegerle or Derek Smethurst played during the AISA season?
Thanks to Karim Murabet for this team photo.


Gary Kelley (TBR 86-87) said...

Yes, Smets played for us in I believe it was two home games (played at Bayfront in St Pete) but didn't travel on the road as he had a "real job" that actually paid a living wage.

TB Rowdie said...

Hi Gary, Thanks for letting me know. Did you keep any photos from the 86/87 season, just that I can't find many.
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